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Human adult dental pulp CD117/c-kit-positive networks of stromal cells

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Autori: Rusu MC, Loreto C, Sava A, Manoiu VM, Didilescu AC

Editorial: Folia Morphol., 73(1), p.68-72, 2014.


Dental pulp tissue was collected from 6 healthy adult patients, prior to prosthetic treatments, in order to evaluate the in situ phenotype of dental pulp stromal cells and compare with that of dental pulp stem cells. A CD34–/CD44+/CD105–/CD117+/CD146–/nestin- phenotype of stromal cells in the dental pulp core was found. Cells with a similar phenotype, but CD44–, were found in the cell rich zone. Dental pulp stromal networks (DPSNs) were found CD117+/CD44+ in the pulp core, but CD117+/CD44– in the cell rich zone. The c-kit-positive DPSNs were contacting pulp nerves and were, in this regard only, comparable to interstitial Cajal cells. Stromal signalling in dental pulp needs further evaluation, in normal tissue as well as a possible cause of persisting pain after endodontic treatments.

Cuvinte cheie: dental pulp stem cells (DPSC), cell rich zone, CD44, stem cells, interstitial Cajal cells-like, stem cells of human exfoliated deciduous teeth