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Current Directions of Research and Trends in Economic Science

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Autori: Dobrescu Monica, Tașnadi Alexandru, Paicu Claudia Elena

Editorial: International Journal of Arts and Commerce (published by Center for Enhancing Knowledge, UK), Vol. 3, No. 2 , p.15-22, 2014.


The paper aims to assess the main theoretical evolutions and directions of research in contemporary
economic science. To this aim, we set off with an analysis of the highest distinction in economics, the Nobel
Prize for Economic Science.
The analysis reveals a strong focus on theoretical, formal approaches – particularly mathematical
formulation – but also quantitative methods – particularly econometrics. Other important features include
the great importance assigned to macroeconomics, a pluralist view of economic research and a strong focus
on imperfections in current macroeconomic analysis. And even though the academic community is divided
between the New Classical and the New Keynesian approaches, the traditional ideological division seems to
have disappeared, in the sense that the numerous theories do not strictly follow a certain ideological line.
On the whole, all recent research is focused on the macroeconomic implications of a certain imperfection, of
a nominal and/or real nature.

Cuvinte cheie: New Classical School, New Kenesian economics, nominal rigidities, real rigidities