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Economic principles and moral values of the communication process in the context of sustainable development

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Autori: Frãsineanu Corina, Paicu Claudia Elena

Editorial: Conferinţa internaţionalã „Dezvoltare durabilã în condiții de instabilitate economicã”, Universitatea Academia Comercialã Satu Mare, 2013.


In the last decade of the XXth century, freedom of thought and expression has led to the development of communication activities and their perception from a new perspective. The beginning of the XXI century accentuated this trend, so that communication has become, in a relatively short time, one of the engines of the economy, but also an integral part of what we want to call today, the psycho-sociology of modern human communities. In this context, a new approach to the problems facing both modern society and the economic sphere is required, as information and communication technology is, at present, a genuine factor in sustainable development. The article proposes a study of how communication process is understood now, knowing that there is a close interdependence between economic communication and the development of human culture, of the organizational (institutional) culture, as a basic factor for performing management, and the sustainable development overall.

Cuvinte cheie: moral capital, economic actors, economic communication