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The impact of the image of the organization in terms of the online communication paradigm

Domenii publicaţii > Economie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Hristache Diana Andreia, Paicu Claudia Elena, Nilgun Ismail

Editorial: Theoretical and Applied Economics, Volume XXI (2014), No. 3(592), p.67-74, 2014.


The impact of the image of the organization on the consumer of social media is growing strongly. Although, the release of a modern business pattern in the post-crisis economy leads to finding new interpretative ways of the relationship between the organization and the various categories of audience. The vision of building a successful organizational pattern, regardless of the domain of the organization revolves around the so-called „investments on communicative resource.” The approach of the place, and the role of social media to develop global communication paradigm is the main part of our study. First, the existence of a firm on everyday life of the individual makes him/her to assume willingly or unwillingly a particular behavior as a consumer. To sell products and / or services requires the organization to provide to the customer an increasingly dynamic role, that he/she needs to do the purchase and consumption choices. Secondly, the latter is and will be influenced not only by classic marketing, but also by the digital one.
In conclusion, to get a transparent communication with various audience organizations it requires the involvement of the social-media. Market monitoring through social media is extremely important. On the one hand, we investigate the on-line results regarding market trends covered by the organization and on the other hand, we „scan” the virtual trends of the customers of the targeted market.

Cuvinte cheie: social-media, organizational image, organizational communication, marketing on-line