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syd or sdy? A Note on Isaiah 33,12

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Autori: Csaba Balogh

Editorial: Biblische Notizen, 142, p.47-52, 2009.


This article discusses the MT of Isa 33,12 and argues that the verse line „the nations will be burned to lime (syd)” is difficult in its context and distorts the parallelism, describing the fall of the enemy of Judah with the help of plant-imagery. Although Am 2,1 is often mentioned in connection with Isa 33,12, closer analysis shows that there are differences between the two texts. It is suggested that the LXX should be followed here, which goes back to a Hebrew text reading sdy, „field”, „(agricultural) land” instead of syd, „lime”. This emendation (metathesis) is most likely also supported by the independent tradition of the Targum (nyr, „field, land (to be ploughed)” < nwr). The metaphor of burning field not only fits its present context well, but it has biblical parallels and it is supported by agricultural customs known from the Near East.

Cuvinte cheie: Isaia, criticã textualã // Isaiah, textual criticism