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Methods of electromagnetic interference reduction in electrocardiographic signal acquisition

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Autori: Narcis Iulian Adochiei, Valeriu David, Ioan Tudosa

Editorial: EcoZONE, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, vol.10, no.4, p.553-559, 2011.


This paper presents an automatic electrocardiographic (ECG) signal acquisition system and processing method developed the
authors. The system was intended to estimate the possibility for electromagnetic interference reduction in case of
electrocardiography (ECG) signal acquisition and recording. With the aim to decrease the electromagnetic interference, the
proposed system uses the processing system – patient reaction and notch filter, to which we have added wavelet denoised and
adaptive filtering. Processed EEG signals were represented both in time and frequency domains in order to highlight the efficiency of each used electromagnetic interference reduction techniques.
The method based on the processing system – patient reaction is more effective than other methods due to the interference reduction at the source.

Cuvinte cheie: adaptive filter, ECG, signal acquisition, signal processing