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Methods of electromagnetic interference reduction in electrocardiographic signal acquisition

This paper presents an automatic electrocardiographic (ECG) signal acquisition system and processing method developed the authors. The system was intended to estimate the possibility for electromagnetic interference reduction in case of electrocardiography (ECG) signal acquisition and recording. With the aim to decrease the electromagnetic interference, the proposed system uses the processing system – patient reaction and notch filter, to which

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Reduction of power line interferences from electrocardiographic signals by applying adaptive filtering on Field Programmable Gate Array circuits

The paper presents an extended implementation of an adaptive filter structure for electrocardiographic (ECG) signals denoising which is implemented on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) circuit. The proposed FPGA adaptive filter structure can be used to clean in real-time the ECG signals from power line interferences. In order to update the adaptive filter weights, the Least Mean Square (LMS) algorithm is used. The discrete forms of the filter

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Prototype design and experimental evaluation of wireless measurement nodes for road safety

The paper presents the design and the experimental evaluation of prototypes of measurement nodes that are part of the Wireless Active Guardrail System (WAGS). The WAGS is an innovative infrastructure, allowing increasing traffic safety on roads, by monitoring vehicle speed, proximity between vehicle and guardrail, impact of a vehicle with the guardrail, and several environmental parameters. In particular, in this paper, the designs and prototypes

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