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Prototype design and experimental evaluation of wireless measurement nodes for road safety

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Autori: Ioan Tudosa*, Pasquale Daponte, Luca De Vito, Francesco Picariello, Sergio Rapuano

Editorial: Elsevier, Measurement Journal – Elsevier, Volume 57, p.1-16, 2014.


The paper presents the design and the experimental evaluation of prototypes of measurement nodes that are part of the Wireless Active Guardrail System (WAGS). The WAGS is an innovative infrastructure, allowing increasing traffic safety on roads, by monitoring vehicle speed, proximity between vehicle and guardrail, impact of a vehicle with the guardrail, and several environmental parameters. In particular, in this paper, the designs and prototypes of the nodes dealing with speed and proximity measurements are presented. Then, all the phases of their experimental evaluation are reported and discussed.

*Ioan Tudosa – corresponding author.

Cuvinte cheie: Speed measurement, Distance measurement, Traffic information system, Embedded systems, Wireless sensor networks