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Neutrosophic Precalculus and Neutrosophic Calculus

Autori: Florentin Smarandache

Editorial: p.156, 2015.


The first part of this book focuses on Neutrosophic Precalculus, which studies the neutrosophic functions. A Neutrosophic Function : → is a function which has some indeterminacy, with respect to its domain of definition, to its range, or to its relationship that associates elements in with elements in . As particular cases, we present the neutrosophic exponential function and neutrosophic logarithmic function. The neutrosophic inverse function is the inverse of a neutrosophic function. A Neutrosophic Model is, in the same way, a model with some indeterminacy (vagueness, unsureness, ambiguity, incompleteness, contradiction, etc.).

The second part of the book focuses on Neutrosophic Calculus, which studies the neutrosophic limits, neutrosophic derivatives, and neutrosophic integrals.

The Neutrosophic Precalculus and Neutrosophic Calculus can be developed in many ways, depending on the types of indeterminacy one has and on the method used to deal with such indeterminacy. In this book, we present a few examples of indeterminacies and several methods to deal with these specific indeterminacies, but many other indeterminacies there exist in our everyday life, and they have to be studied and resolved using similar of different methods. Therefore, more research has to be done in the field of neutrosophics.