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Geographical Information Systems Assessment of Development Disparities Among Romanian Regions of Development

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Autori: Manole S, Tache A, Petrisor AI, Parvu E

Editorial: Romanian Review of Regional Studies, 8(1), p.3-16, 2012.


New strategies of the European Union, focused directly on regional development or originated from different areas, but leading to changes in this field, had resulted into a set of indices used to monitor the effects of their implementation. Previous studies suggest that flexible systems perform better and could strengthen the administrative capacity of accessing structural and cohesion funds. Our study used the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to produce hierarchies of the territorial indices at NUTS level II, displayed as charts and maps underlining the disparities between the socioeconomic, cultural and environmental aspects of the development. The results suggest that the regions with a low potential of development are situated in the south of Romania, but, most important, underline the potential of the method to be used as a planning tool in regional development, as its flexibility allows for an input with particular focus from different stakeholders, resulting into the selection of different indices and weights.

Cuvinte cheie: regional development, GIS, EUROSTAT indices, ESPON, Lisbon Strategy