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Mesoporous nickelsilicate membranes on porous alumina supports

Ordered mesoporous nickelsilicate catalytic membranes have successfully been synthesized on the surface of γ-alumina disk and α-alumina tube by dip coating and immersion. The surface of the supports was cleaned and chemically modified by a series of aqueous solutions. The resulting films and bulk materials have been characterized by XRD, N2 adsorption–desorption, SEM and TEM. Gas permeation testing was carried out in a Wicke–Kallenbach cell

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A new alternative to amino acids transport: facilitated transport of Image-phenylalanine by hybrid siloxane membranes containing a fixed site macrocyclic complexant

New heteropolysiloxane (HPS) membranes containing macrocyclic or linear complexants, chemically linked in a reticulated silica matrix, were synthetized by the sol–gel process and used for the facilitated transport of Image-phenylalanine. The solution–diffusion model was used to analyse experimental transport results obtained by studying the influence of the macrocyclic complexant, the pH value of the feed and the strip phases, the conditioning

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Composite membranes with micro- or mesoporous silicates and organic polymers

ZSM-5, MCM-41 and SiO2–Al2O3 composite membranes were prepared and characterized. In such an order the influence of the chemical composition and powder properties on the permeability and the surface acidity of the composite membranes were investigated. Inorganic powders have been characterized by XRD, IR-spectroscopy, nitrogen adsorption–desorption and potentiometric titration. The permeability of the membranes has been tested, in the catalytic

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The use of differential scanning calorimetry to study the effects of gentamycin on fibrous collageneous membranes

The protein collagen is the most predominant and important protein of the skin and therefore its physicochemical and thermal properties are important to be known. DSC has been applied in order to study the thermal changes caused by using different concentrations of the gentamycin antibiotic in fibrous membranes FM, named AMATCOL at different scanning rates. The thermal effect consisting of several peaks of the fibrous collageneous membrane alone

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Influence of surfactants upon polymer porous media

The main topic of the thesis includes the influence of ionic and non-ionic surfactants on membrane preparation and separation. The prepared membranes, characterized by scanning electron microscopy, pore size measurements and fluid permeability were used at the separation of small size solutes by means of colloid enhanced ultrafiltration.

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Modification of polyester track membranes by plasma treatments

The modification of the polyester track membranes by treatment in radiofrequency plasma generated by capacitive coupled parallel plate discharge in air and ammonia was studied. The investigation of the surface properties (roughness, pore size distribution, contact angle) before and after the plasma treatments was performed. The treatment resulted in increase of the surface roughness and of the pores effective diameter and change of wettability. Membranes

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