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Macromolecular Compounds Used as Depresants of the Cold Filter Plugging Point of Diesel Oils
Flow Improvers for Fuel Oils
Hydrogenation Reactions of Diene- Styrene Copolymers

Diene-styrene random copolymers were hydrogenated using soluble catalysts. The reaction product was used as viscosity index improvers in multigrade lubricating oils at lower levels of loading.

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Hydrogenated Styrene-Butadiene Random Copolymers as Viscosity Index Improvers for Lubricating Oils

Styrene-butadiene random copolymers were hydrogenated in presence of soluble Ziegler catalysts. Different compositions prepared from organometallic compounds (n-butyl lithium, tri-ethyl aluminum, tri-isobutyl aluminum) and transition metal salts (acetylacetonates, 2-ethylhexanoates, octoates) were investigated. Reaction products were analyzed by GPC, IR and NMR spectroscopy. Hydrogenated random styrene-butadiene copolymers used as viscosity index

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Activity and Selectivity of Soluble Catalysts for Polymer Hydrogenation

It was studied different catalytic systems type Ziegler synthesized from an organic salt of a transitional metal and an organo-metallic compound type Lewis base. It is presented a synthesis method for cobalt (or nickel) octoate and cobalt (or nickel) 2-ethyl-hexanoate. The influence of catalyst concentration and molar ratio between the two components onto the hydrogenation conversion is also studied. The soluble catalysts synthesized were employed

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Succinimidic Type Dispersants with Improved Properties
Mechanical Stability Study of Hydrogenated Styrene-Butadiene Random Copolymers in Lubricating Oils
Synthetic Non-Newtonian Fluids Based on Polymer Gels. II.- Rheology of Polymer Gels for Determine Their Flow in Pipe-Lines

The paper presents the research developed for a more exactly classification of synthetic fluids based on polymer gels into a non-Newtonian flow model. From the experimental results, using the adopted flow model, were calculated the material coefficients values k and n in function of the yield stress and shear rate.

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Macromolecular Engineering Research Centre Presentation

An overview of the focus of research of the Macromolecular Engineering Research Centre (MERC), which was established in 1996 at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) with industrial support by the Rubber Division of Bayer Inc., Canada. MERC's research is very broad: process, product characterization, chemistry, materials and applications.

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On-Line Monitoring of Adsorption Column Saturation and Regeneration by Measurement of Electrical Resistance

In industrial environment there is always a big challenge to follow the breakthrough front and predict the saturation of adsorption systems. The monitoring of adsorption processes is usually limited to the analysis of the outlet stream by gas chromatography. It has been found that the electrical resistance of many adsorbents including alumina gel varies upon adsorption/desorption of different materials showing a possible way for prediction of saturation

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