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Spectroscopic investigations on low power atmospheric pressure capacitively coupled helium plasma
Spectroscopic Characterisation of a Cross-Flow Plasma Jet
Diagnostics and Active Species Formation in an Atmospheric pressure Helium Sterilization Plasma Source
Optimum working parameters for plasma needle used for bacterial deactivation
An alternative source for generating atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasmas
Measurement of electrical characteristics of atmospheric pressure non-thermal He plasma
Investigation of a medium power rf CCP and its application to high-temperature superconductor analysis vis AES
Characterization of a very low Ar CCP
Investigation of medium power radiofrequency capacitively coupled plasma and their application to atomic emission spectrometry for the determination of aluminium in water samples
Statistical evaluation of Cu, Mn and Zn determinations in biological samples by radiofrequency capacitively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry using the Bland and Altman test