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Perceptual Interactions of Duration with Pitch and Rate of Change in Pitch: Implications for Sonification

The development of a good representation of data with an auditory display requires one to choose the type of transformation between the data and auditory information and the auditory dimension to use. There is good reason to believe that using two sound dimensions in a redundant way could enhance performance compared to using the dimensions individually (Kramer, 1996). Experiments 1 and 2 showed redundancy loss when using separable dimensions in

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Sonification of absolute values with single and multiple dimensions

Although auditory displays are effective for the representation of patterns in data, they are generally thought to be less effective for the communication of absolute values [1, 2]. Nonetheless, there are times when it is desirable to represent absolute values with sound. Two experiments were conducted to investigate the limits of representing absolute values with sound and to compare several ways of representing the values. Temporal representations

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A Process for Anticipating and Executing Icon Selection in Graphical User Interfaces

In this paper, we describe a system for predicting icon selection from an icon bar based on command frequency and mouse trajectory. The development of this system was motivated by three findings established by previous research: (1) Selection from icon bars is the preferred method of issuing commands, (2) A user’s command choice can be predicted accurately based on knowledge of command frequencies and the most recent commands issued by the user,

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The hidden costs of graphical user interfaces: users’ failures to make the transition from menus and icon tool bars to keyboard shortcuts

Graphical interfaces allow users to issue commands using pull-down menus, icon tool bars, and keyboard shortcuts. Menus and icon tool bars are easier to learn whereas keyboard shortcuts are more efficient. It would seem natural for users to migrate from the use of easy-to-learn menu and icon methods to the more efficient method of keyboard shortcuts as they gain experience. To investigate the extent to which this transition takes place, 251 experienced

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