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Chemiresistive / SERS dual sensor based on densely-packed gold nanoparticles
Flexible transparent sensors from reduced graphene oxide micro-stripes fabricated by convective self-assembly
Convective self-assembly of π-conjugated oligomers and polymers
Shaping light spectra and field profiles in metal-coated monolayers of etched microspheres
Mapping the SERS Efficiency and Hot-Spots Localization on Gold Film over Nanospheres Substrates
Silicon nanoparticles produced by femtosecond laser ablation in ethanol: size control, structural characterization and optical properties
Combining elastic and resonant inelastic optical spectroscopies for multiscale probing of embedded nanoparticle architectures
Tunable Conductive Nanoparticle Wire Arrays Fabricated by Convective Self-assembly on Non-patterned Substrates
Evidence of a surface plasmon-mediated mechanism in the generation of the SERS background
Stability of Ag nanocrystals synthesized by ultra-low energy ion implantation in SiO2 matrices