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Metal-coated microsphere monolayers as surface plasmon resonance sensors operating in both transmission and reflection modes
Probing the unusual optical transmission of silver films deposited on two-dimensional regular arrays of polystyrene microspheres
Hybrid architectures made of nonlinear-active and metal nanostructures for plasmon-enhanced harmonic generation
Shake-induced order in nanosphere systems
The synthesis of single layers of Ag nanocrystals by ultra-low-energy ion implantation for large-scale plasmonic structures
The study of Raman enhancement efficiency as function of nanoparticle size and shape
Silver half-shell arrays with controlled plasmonic response for fluorescence enhancement optimization
Metanephrine neuroendocrine tumor marker detection by SERS using Au nanoparticle/Au film sandwich architecture
Surface-Enhanced Spectroscopy on Plasmonic Oligomers Assembled by AFM nanoxerography
Polarized SERS on linear arrays of silver half-shells: SERS re-radiation modulated by local density of optical states