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Concurs: Posturi de Cercetator – Universitatea din Iasi (Biologie, Economie, Geografie, Litere, Teologie)

Universitatea "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" din Iasi a anuntat scoaterea la concurs a unor posturi de Cercetator Stiintific gr. III (CSIII) si a unor posturi de Asistent de Cercetare (AC). Posturile vor functiona in cadrul Departamentelor de Cercetare nou infiintate ale fiecarei Facultati. Posturile anuntate aici se refera la domeniile: Biologie (1 CSIII si 3 AC), Geografie-Geologie (1 CSIII si 1 AC), Economie-Afaceri (1 CSIII si 1 AC), Litere (2 AC) si

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The 2nd European Congress of Conservation Biology

01-05 Sept. 2009, Prague. Early bird registration deadline: 30 April 2009. Early bird fee for low-income countries (i.e., including Romania): 240/180 Euros for non-members/members of the Society for Conservation Biology. Futher details can be found online at

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Chemical, biological, and ecotoxicological assessment of pesticides and persistent organic pollutants in the Bahlui River, Romania

Background, aim, and scope. Current knowledge on environmental impacts of industrial activities in Romania, particularly persistent organic pollutants (POPs), indicates that environmental standards of European Union are not systematically met. In our study area, additional sources of POPs are agriculture and domestic wastes. Very scarce information is available upon environmental contaminations and effects. In the present study we investigated the

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ESEE 2009 – Ecological Economics Conference

8th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics, 29/06-02/07/2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Call available online at: Background information: 1. The European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE) is the European branch of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE). Both ISEE and ESEE organise their own meetings every two years. 2. The ISEE/ESEE Country

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POPIASI: Chemical, biological and ecotoxicological assessment of pollution with pesticides and POPs in Bahlui River, Romania

A related conference talk is: Authors: Ciumasu IM and DeAlencastro LF, Title: Chemical, biological and ecotoxicological assessment of the Bahlui River in Romania: Pesticides and persistent organic pollutants Event: International Conference ESTROM "Environmental Research and Mitigation of Water Pollution in Romania"

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Sustainable exploitation of ecosystems using scenarios of sustainable vs. unsustainable economic development: the Ciric River basin, Iasi, Romania

The success of the transition to sustainable development is conditioned by a switch of the bulk of economic investments from unsustainable to sustainable technologies and practices. In this sense, the basic lesson from the Environmental Kuznetz Curve theory is that approaches based exclusively on nature protection rationales are unlikely to succeed on a wide scale, especially in developing countries (Barbier et al, 2005). This is often true even

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Integrating social perception of nature with economic development

The transition to sustainability in developing countries has to take into account their local need for development and local socio-cultural context. If sustainability-specific practices are being imposed, they can be rejected by citizens (Ciumasu and Costica, 2008). Socio-cultural perceptions have a critical function on the definition of natural capital and must therefore be corroborated with ecological and economical issues (Chiesura and De Groot,

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„UNIversitatea in SOcietate – UNISO 2008”, 16-20 iulie 2008, Iasi, Romania

16-20 iulie 2008, Iasi "UNIversitatea in SOcietate - UNISO 2008", cu tema "Centrarea invatamantului superior pe competente: provocari si solutii"; Pagina internet: Obiectivul principal: Dezvoltarea parteneriatelor dintre universitati si intreprinderi in domeniul educatiei si al formarii in contextul dezvoltarii durabile. Deadline pentru inscriere: 15 Martie 2008 Deadline pentru rezumat (daca doriti sa faceti o comunicare): 01

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Circulation mondial du talent – une solution pour le développement de la Roumanie (in English: International circulation of talent – a solution for the development of Romania)
Environmental science and technology in Romania: the need and the possibilities of cooperation between Romanian Universities and the Romanian researchers and students at the European Universities