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Solvency II, FDIC And Ratings-Free Capital Ratios

This paper analyzes the current Solvency II credit spread stress test framework and proposes a ratings-free capital reserving framework as required by the FDIC.

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Evaluating, taxing and insuring agricultural enterprises

By analyzing the pros and cons of the US farms taxation methodologies, this paper aims to advise that best practice of taxing farms in transition economies would be consistent with a multiple of cash flow valuation approaches and suggests that a liquid market for agricultural insurance can be created in emerging economies as it provides a methodology for valuation of drought insurance contracts. As such recent drought and flood damages in such countries

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Integration Aspects of Subsequent EU Joiners

This article aims to analyze the economic policy aspects of the European Union adherence requirements within the specific microeconomic framework of the postcommunist Eastern European countries during their transition to a free markets economic system. The authors observe that the framework for integration has not been separated between the member countries which had functioned as free market economies throughout the post World War II years that

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A quantification of the US 2008-2009 bailout package
BAckdating options – how big a sin was it?
Evaluarea Antreprizelor Agricole

This paper reflects the M&A value focus and due diligence qualitative judgement when acquiring agricultural enterprises.

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The Euro framework: unemotional absorption of risk capital?

This paper aims to prove that in countries with no inter-zonal real estate divergence caused by lack of uniform economic development, labor migration trends or other causes, the real estate price movements tend to be correlated with currency movements, thus a certain vulnerability to hot money exists however it may be manageable.

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Overhauling the Pension-measuring method to reflect future pay rises

The positive evidence that salary increases are almost certain, shows that the projected liability including salary increases is a realistic measure of what a company would expect to pay in future. While moving benefit obligations on the balance sheet is likely to force many companies to recognize a big liability, there is uncertainty as to whether credit scores will be lowered for such companies, possibly jeopardizing their lending agreements, since

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oferte de munca

Resurse calificate - lb. engleza si facultate de profil ingineresc, economic sau drept - un contract pe termen lung de infiintare a unei case de clearing in Bangladesh si a unui sistem de plati electronic. Foarte promitator, putand ajunge usor la venture capital si fund management in cativa ani. E nevoie de o sumedenie de pozitii, plata e in functie de rolul asumat. Transportul, asigurarile sunt incluse. Cazarea e acoperita. Multumiri si salutari,

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