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Social perception of faces in acquired prosopagnosia

Facial trait perception is a crucial element of social interactions, but its relationship to other aspects of face perception such as identity and expression is unclear. Some researchers claim trait perception is by-product of mechanisms responsible for expression perception (Said, Sebe & Todorov, 2009), while others argue that trait perception is influenced by aspects unrelated to expression such as facial-width (Stirratt & Perrett, 2010) and self-resemblance

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Unfakeable Facial Configurations Affect Strategic Choices in Trust Games with or without Information about Past Behavior

Many human interactions are built on trust, so widespread confidence in first impressions generally favors individuals with trustworthy-looking appearances. However, few studies have explicitly examined: 1) the contribution of unfakeable facial features to trust-based decisions, and 2) how these cues are integrated with information about past behavior. Using highly controlled stimuli and an improved experimental procedure, we show that unfakeable

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Acquired prosopagnosia with spared within-class object recognition but impaired recognition of degraded basic-level objects

We present a new case of acquired prosopagnosia resulting from extensive lesions predominantly in the right occipitotemporal cortex. Functional brain imaging revealed atypical activation of all core face areas in the right hemisphere, with reduced signal difference between faces and objects compared to controls. In contrast, Herschel’s lateral occipital complex showed normal activation to objects. Behaviourally, Herschel is severely impaired with

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