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Junior Team Leader in the Field of Experimental Hepatology

The Collaborative Research Center 575 'Experimental Hepatology' in D|sseldorf (Germany) invites applications for the position of a Junior Team Leader (BAT Ia). The position is open as early as January 1, 2006, but the start date may be negotiated. We are looking for an excellent junior scientist with strong interest in basic liver research topics. Research experience acquired during a postdoctoral fellowship and the skills to head a group are required.

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Scientific Council of the European Research Council announced

The European Commission has announced the list of the 22 members of the scientific Council of the European Research Council (ERC) on July 18, 2005. The 22 scientists were chosen by an independant panel of high-level scientists, chaired by Lord Patten of Barnes, Chancellor of Oxford and Newcastle-upon-Tyne Universities. Following the European Commission's FP 7 proposal of April 6, 2005, the ERC will be a funding organisation for frontier research.

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„The Formative Years of Scholars” 9-11 November 2005, The Haga Forum,Stockholm.

The conference is organised by Academia Europaea in collaboration with the Wenner-Gren Foundations. In the four sessions the following topics will be treated: - Changes of the knowledge systems and their implications for the formative stage of scholars - Changing external conditions for the formative stage of scholars - The development of the doctorate - The development of post-doctoral/junior academic careers Thanks to the financial support from

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Vacancies at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)

The Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) Bremerhaven, Germany, is inviting applications for a Postdoctoral Scientist Position to work within the HGF-Young Investigators Group "Global change and the future marine carbon cycle." The group investigates anthropogenic effects, particularly the rise of the atmospheric CO2 concentration and global temperature on the marine carbon cycle. The position is to be filled by October 2005

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Six-membered ring spiranes: carbocycles and heterocycles with oxygen

The data concerning the structure, synthesis and reactivity of six-membered ring spiranes exhibiting carbocycles and heterocycles with oxygen atoms are reviewed. The structural aspects are discussed using specific stereogenic elements and stereochemistry descriptors for spiranes with six-membered rings. The data are supported by high field NMR investigations and molecular structures obtained by X-ray diffractometry. The general procedures and access

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Synthesis and stereochemistry of new bis(1,3-oxathiane-2-yl) derivatives:epimerisation and chair-twist equilibria
Open post-doctoral positions in computational imaging and modeling = Computational Imaging Lab – Pompeu Fabra University – Barcelona – Spain

The Computational Imaging Lab ( at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona is a rapidly growing and dynamic team focused in algorithmic and applied research in the area of computer vision and computational modeling. The lab is composed of 15 members working in different domains of medical image segmentation, statistical shape modeling and analysis, computational geometry, pattern recognition and, more recently, in image-based and

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European Foreign and Security Policy Studies

The link for an excellent scholarship programme for phd students and postdocs interested in european foreign and security policy.

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Scientists petition for increased EC funding for research

Dear Colleague, The collapse of the discussions on the EU budget has been highlighted in media. What receives less attention is the fact that preparatory discussions on a new budget were pointing towards a very major reduction on the doubling of funds for Framework 7 that had been requested by the Commission. Included in this funding were increases for the Marie Curie programme, expansion of the standard Framework activities and, significantly, the

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"FP7 – Rules for participation – simplification measures"

The Commission has just launched a consultation on "FP7 - Rules for participation - simplification measures": The aim of this consultation is to provide an opportunity for all researchers, but especially those within the EU (and Associated Countries), to offer their views on the 10 proposed measures for simplification contained in the staff working document on simplification

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