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MSc thesis in Materials Science

Characterisation of cellular composites using synchrotron X-ray microtomography Background: Cellular materials are common. In nature they can be found in form of wood, bone and cork. Manmade cellular materials are usually honeycombs and foams. A great demand for bio-based, renewable and lightweight products has surfaced, in the wake of climate change and increasing oil prices. For example, the European project SustainComp (

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Stiffness of aligned wood fiber composites: Effect of microstructure and phase properties

The effect of wood fiber anisotropy and their geometrical features on wood fiber composite stiffness is analyzed. An analytical model for an N-phase composite with orthotropic properties of constituents is developed and used. This model is a straightforward generalization of Hashin's concentric cylinder assembly model and Christensen's generalized self-consistent approach. It was found that most macro-properties are governed by only one property

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Influence of wood-fibre hygroexpansion on the dimensional instability of fibre mats and composites
Characterization methods for elastic properties of wood fibers from mats for composite materials
Stiffness contribution of various wood fibers to composite materials
Dynamic-mechanical properties of wood-fibre reinforced polylactide: Experimental characterization and micromechanical modelling
Ultrastructural features affecting mechanical properties of wood fibres
Modelling of effects of ultrastructural morphology on the hygroelastic properties of wood fibres
Micromechanical modelling of wood-polymer composites