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Heidegger, la mort et la totalité

In this article, I focus on the relationship between totality and death, as it is exposed in Heidegger's "Sein und Zeit". I show first that Heidegger elaborates three concepts of totality : 1 / an existential-ontological totality which is a priori (the totality of the being-in-the world and care) ; 2 / an a posteriori totality of intra-mundane things made of parts ; and 3 / a temporal existential totality of existence lying « between » birth and

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Jan Patocka and the European Heritage

Journal issue indexed in: ISI: Arts & Humanities Citation Index; ISI: Current Contents / Arts & Humanities; Francis Database; Philosopher's Index; Répertoire bibliographique de la philosophie

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Emmanuel Levinas 100: Proceedings of the Centenary Conference (Bucharest, 4-6 September 2006), Special issue Studia Phaenomenologica 2007
The Question of the Living Body in Heidegger’s Analytic of Dasein

The purpose of this article is to analyze the significance of the absence of the problem of living body in Heidegger's analytic of Dasein. In order to evaluate the occurrences of the problem of the body in Being and Time, I also refer to the context of some of Heidegger's later work where there is to be found a sketch of an ontological investigation of the living body. I analyze then in detail the scarce occurrences of body in the fundamental ontology,

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Moribundus sum: Heidegger si problema mortii
Les reperes d’une symétrie renversée: La phénoménologie de la mort entre Heidegger et Lévinas
La phénoménologie en Roumanie, Un phénoménologue roumain: Alexandru Dragomir (1916-2002)
Levinas Concordance

This work is the first Levinas Concordance. The particularity of this index is that it covers on all the 28 books published by Levinas in French. The Levinas Concordance comprises the complete list of meaningful words of Levinas’ oeuvre and their corresponding occurrences, indicated by book, page and line. The Levinas Concordance contains eight specific indexes: General Index of French Terms; General Index of Proper Names; Index of Hebrew, Biblical

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