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Francis Bacon’s natural history and the Senecan Natural Histories of Early Modern Europe
Idolatry, Natural History and Spiritual Medicine: Francis Bacon and the Neo-Stoic Protestantism of the Late Sixteenth Century

This paper aims to explore some possible sources of Francis Bacon’s peculiar way of relating idolatry, natural history and the medicine of the mind. In the first section, I argue that Bacon’s strategy of internalizing idolatry is not unlike that of his Calvinist precursors. If in using natural history as a therapy against the idolatrous mind Bacon departed from Calvin, this departure, I claim, was not unlike the road taken earlier by another

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“Experimental philosophers and doctors of the mind: the appropriation of a philosophical tradition”
Reinventing utopia: science, politics and religion in early modern Europe
Casa lui Solomon sau fascinatia utopiei

This book is an edition of seventeenth century texts and commentaries, bringing together for the first time seventeenth-century 'continuations' of Francis Bacon's New Atlantis. It is the result of a research project having Dana Jalobeanu as PI. Its members (and authors of the book) are: Oana Matei, Doina Cristina Rusu, Grigore Vida and Cristian Bente.

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Vanishing matter and the laws of physics: Descartes and beyond
Noua Atlantida
Princeton-Bucharest seminar in Early Modern Philosophy in Transylvania

The Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy is an international annual meeting of scholars interested in various aspects of early modern thought. The aim of the seminar is to create a stimulating environment for discussing papers and ideas. Traditionally, the seminar has two components: morning reading groups and afternoon discussions of work-in-progress. This year, the topic for the morning sessions will be Spinoza’s Tractatus theologico-politicus.

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Inventarea modernităţii : Filosofie naturală, teologie şi ştiinţă în secolul al XVII-lea
“The politics of science and the origins of modernity: Building consensus in Early Royal Society”