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Tantalum oxynitride thin films: Mechanical properties and wear behavior dependence on growth conditions

Tantalum oxynitride (TaNxOy) thin films were produced by magnetron sputtering. This work analyzes and compares the mechanical properties and the wear behavior of the films, taking into account the differences promoted by changes in composition and structure, caused by the variation of the partial pressure of the reactive gases (P(N2+O2)) and by the polarization of the substrate holder. Besides the change in composition, the variation of P(N2+O2)

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Nanomechanical Properties of Amorphous FeCuNbSiB Thin Films Deposited by HiPIMS

The mechanical properties (Young’s modulus, hardness, film-substrate adhesion and friction coefficient) of amorphous Fe735Cu1Nb3Si155B7 thin films deposited by HiPIMS on glass substrates were investigated by using nanoindentation and nanoscratch techniques. The dependence of hardness and Young’s modulus on the indentation depth showed that the system is hard-soft. Composite hardness, effective Young’s modulus and friction coefficient of the

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Tribological researches on Rolling – friction coefficient, for Carburized and Carbonitrided Steel surfaces
Some aspects about structural and tribological characterization of reactive magnetron sputtered TiN thin films
Dependence between processing conditions and tribological properties of Ti-Si-C thin films
Ti-Si-C thin films produced by magnetron sputtering: correlation between physical properties, mechanical properties and tribological behaviour
4. Munteanu, D., Cozma, R., Borcea, B., Vaz., F., The influence of oxygen flow on the tribological behaviour and residual stress state of TiCO Thin-films
The influence of structure changes in the properties of TiCxOy decorative thin-films
The influence of nitrogen content on the properties of TiNx thin-films
TiN – based decorative coatings: colour change by addition of C and O