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A review of the distribution of large branchiopods (Branchiopoda: Anostraca, Notostraca, Spinicaudata, Laevicaudata) in Romania

Large branchiopods are among the most spectacular representatives of temporary pond fauna, suitable as flagship species for the conservation of this habitat type. Romania has one of the largest documented species numbers among European countries, but for most of the country, very few recent data exist on the presence and status of this group. In this paper we summarize the current knowledge on large branchiopod distribution, in order to have a comparable

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The influence of habitat characteristics on amphibian species richness in two river basins of Romania

We present the distribution and aquatic habitat use of amphibian communities in two river basins of Transylvania (Romania) on a medium spatial scale: the middle section of Tarnava Mare Valley and the Upper section of the Olt Valley. We used between 13 and 15 variables to characterize the breeding ponds and their surrounding terrestrial areas. A total number of 14 amphibian species and a species complex were identified in the two areas. In Tarnava,

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A rapid survey of large branchiopods in Romania

Romania has a unique diversity of large branchiopods in Europe, but the present distribution of species is poorly documented. This note is a summary of a survey aimed at a rapid assessment of large branchiopod occurrence and frequency at a landscape level. The survey was conducted in ten landscapes, and it lasted from 2004 to 2006, recording fifteen species. Most species (80%) were only found in one or two landscapes, showing large differences in

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