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The influence of habitat characteristics on amphibian species richness in two river basins of Romania

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Autori: Hartel, T., L. Demeter, D. Cogalniceanu, M. Tulbure

Editorial: Herpetologia Bonnensis - Proceedings of the 13th Congress of the Societas Europaea Herpetologica, 2, p.47-50, 2006.


We present the distribution and aquatic habitat use of amphibian communities in two river basins of Transylvania (Romania) on a medium spatial scale: the middle section of Tarnava Mare Valley and the Upper section of the Olt Valley. We used between 13 and 15 variables to characterize the breeding ponds and their surrounding terrestrial areas. A total number of 14 amphibian species and a species complex were identified in the two areas. In Tarnava, the average species richness is larger in permanent ponds than in temporary ones. No significant differences were found between the species richness in permanent and temporary ponds in Ciuc. In permanent ponds of both areas the presence of high traffic roads in the vicinity (i.e. within an 800 m radius) explained more of the variation in species richness than the other habitat factors, whereas the presence of dirt roads accounted for the highest variation in species richness in temporary ponds.

Cuvinte cheie: amphibians, distribution, Tarnava Mare river Basin, Upper Olt river basin