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Evolving hypernetwork models of binary time series for forecasting price movements on stock markets

The paper proposes a hypernetwork-based method for stock market prediction through a binary time series problem. Hypernetworks are a random hypergraph structure of higher-order probabilistic relations of data. The problem we tackle concerns the prediction of price movements (up/down) on stock markets. Compared to previous approaches, the proposed method discovers a large population of variable subpatterns, i.e. local and global patterns, using a

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Quantum Circuit Design By Means Of Genetic Programming

Research in quantum technology has shown that quantum computers can provide dramatic advantages over classical computers for some problems. The efficiency of quantum computing is considered to become so significant that the study of quantum algorithms has attracted widespread interest. Development of quantum algorithms and circuits is difficult for a human researcher, so automatic induction of computer programs by means of genetic programming, which

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Numerical Solution For Fredholm First Kind Integral Equations Occurring In Synthesis of Electromagnetic Fields

It is known that Fredholm integral equations of the first kind int_0^1{k(s,t)x(t)}{mathrm d}t=y(s), sin [0,1] with the kernel frac{(s-t)^m}{[1-(s-t)^2]^n} occur when solving with problems of synthesis of electrostatic and magnetic fields (m, n - nonnegative rational numbers). This paper presents two approaches for solving such an equation. The first one involves discretization by a collocation method and numerical solution using an approximate orthogonalization

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AdaGEP – An Adaptive Gene Expression Programming

Many papers focused on fine-tunning the Gene Expression Programming (GEP) operators or their application rates in order to improve the performances of the algorithm. Much less work was done on optimizing the structural parameters of the chromosomes (i.e. number of genes and gene size). This is probably due to the fact that the No Free Lunch theorem states that no fixed values for these parameters will ever suit all problems. To counteract this fact,

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Mathematical models of climate evolution in Dobrudja

The understanding of processes that occur in climate change evolution and their spatial and temporal variations are of major importance in environmental sciences. Modeling these processes is the first step in the prediction of weather change. In this context, this paper presents the results of statistical investigations of monthly and annual meteorological data collected between 1961 and 2007 in Dobrudja (a region situated in the South–East of

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