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Influence of some natural and synthetic growing factors on peroxidase system in leaves of greenhouse plants
Badea E., Miu L., Budrugeac P., Giurginca M., Braghieri A., Della Gatta G.
Sustainable preservation of historical parchments
Characterisation and evaluation of the environmental impact on historical parchments by DSC
Hydration of Thiourea and Mono-, Di- and Tetra-N-Alkylthioureas at Infinite Dilution: A Thermodynamic Study at a Temperature of 298.15 K
Effects of Temperature and Relative Humidity on Fibrillar Collagen within Parchment: A Micro Differential Scanning Calorimetry Study
2nd International conference Matter and Materials in/for Heritage Conservation (MATCONS 2011)

MATCONS 2011 este un eveniment dedicat tuturor specialistilor din domeniul conservarii si restaurarii din Romania care isi propune sa reuneasca in jurul unor tematici de mare interes si actualitate conservatori, restauratori, oameni de stiinta, cercetatori, etc. cu scopul promovarii dialogului, impartasirii experientelor profesionale, diseminarii rezultatelor cercetării stiintifice aplicate conservarii patrimoniului cultural, transferului direct

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Nonparametric methods to evaluate derivative uncertainty from small data sets
Humic acids action on some physiological processes in carnations grown in vitro
Calorimetric study of hydrophobic-hydrophilic effects of variously substituted N-alkylureas in dilute aqueous solution at 298.15 K