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Designing a reliable protocol for web services based robots interconnection

In this paper we propose a reliable protocol for controlling a robots network. The RRCP is not just a protocol for Internet robot communication but also a complete software package. We illustrate the usage of RRCP on a Khepera III robots network. RRCP is designed over an infrastructure based on Web services. By adopting the RRCP, several robots can be operated using the same commands. For example, several robots by different types, supporting this

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Pozitie post-doctorala in cadrul proiectului HAPTICMED – Interfete cu retur haptic in aplicatii medicale

Buna ziua, Va rog sa primiti si sa distribuiti urmatorul anunt referitor la un post de cercetator post-doc in cadrul echipei CERVA: =========================================================================================== CERVA constituie echipa de cercetare in realitate virtuala si augmentata a Universitatii OVIDIUS Constanta. Directiile de activitate echipei sunt modelarea si simularea mediilor virtuale educationale si de formare profesionala.

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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Methods in Optimal Software Reliability Allocation

In this paper the optimal software reliability allocation problem is studied when complex architectures are used and various constraints applied. Firstly, the basic reliability model in the case of component-based development methodology and the classical optimization approach are described. In the next sections the intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and the intuitionistic fuzzy optimization are considered. New formulas and interpretations will be given

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On Designing Highly Secure Embedded Systems

This paper describes the most relevant aspects concerning the secure software design for embedded systems and asserts that the quality of the embedded systems can be increased using appropriate secure software techniques and a multi-step strategy based on prevention and vulnerability discovery, resistance to attacks, security holes removing, and behavior prediction along the system life-cycle.

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CNIV and ICVL Projects – New Technologies in education and research
Interoperability assurance for remote mechatronic laboratories used for virtual training
Web Software Reliability Engineering

There is an increasing request for web software systems, some of them to be used very intensive. The customers ask not only for fast design and implementation, but also for a high quality product. Considering reliability as an important quality attribute, this paper describes the current state of the art in designing, implementing, and testing web software. An important attention is given to software vulnerabilities and how to deliver secure software.

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SMRLO’10 – Stochastic models in Reliability Engineering, Life Sciences, and Operations Management

Main topics: Stochastic Models and Methods in Reliability Engineering; Stochastic Models and Methods in Life Sciences ; Stochastic Models and Methods in Operations Management Important dates: October 1 - Abstract Submission; October 30, 2009 - Full Paper Submission; Conference: February 8-11, 2010. More details can be found on the conference page:

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KONBIN 2010 – The 6th International Conference on Safety and Reliability

Important dates: Submission of abstracts: January 31, 2010 Submission of full papers: March 15, 2010 Conference KONBIN'10 : May 24-28, 2010 More details can be found on the conference page:

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ESREL 2010

The venue for the annual ESREL Conference in 2010 (5 - 10 September) is Rodos Palace Resort Hotel, Greece. Important dates: - Submission of abstracts: 15 December 2009; - Submission of full-length papers: 31 March 2010. More details can be found on the conference page: and

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