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ENBIS 9 in Gothenburg Sweden

The ENBIS annual conference will be held at the Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden, September 21-23. The topic of the conference is "Quantitative Process Analysis for Creation of Business Opportunities and Solutions". More details are available on the conference page:

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A Regression Approach in the Reliability of Intermitently Used Machines
On Modelling failures of intermittently used machines

A methodology based on computational statistic and simulation for analyzing failures of intermittently used machines is presented. This paper continuous the Follmann's approach using an extended hazard regression model while the machine is on and an additive non-parametric logistic model in order to described the off period. Only repairable systems are considered.

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On the influence of software vulnerabilities on software reliability. The case of open source component based software

This paper addresses the influence of software vulnerability on software reliability in the case of the component-based software design methodology. The collected data were analyzed using some probabilistic models. The experiments are based on DISTeFAX: a distributed faxing system designed and implemented as a secure software system facilitating the processing of meta-faxes (multipart documents obtained from individual files generated by different

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Quality assurance for agile component-based software development

Component-based software development facilitates software reuse and promotes quality and productivity. Combining agile approach with some component-based methodology improves the software quality. This paper describes the characteristics and benefits of using agile software development methodologies, mainly the adaptive software development approach mixed with COMO-DfT (the software reuse methodology for in-house software component design and development

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Towards web applications reliability engineering

There is an increasing request for web-based software systems, some of them to be used very intensive. The customers ask not only for fast design and implementation, but also for a high quality product. Considering reliability as an important quality attribute, this paper describes the current state of the art in designing, implementing, and testing web-based applications. An important attention is given to web-based software vulnerabilities and

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Agile CMMI for e-learning software development

The paper describes the impact of Agile approach on e-Learning content developed by organizations implementing CMMI methodology. It is shown that new ICT developments ask for an agile updating of some practices in order to implement low cost projects.

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On using bootstrap approach for uncertainty estimation

This paper provides a methodology to investigate uncertainty evaluation by bootstrap and a procedure to obtain confidence bands for linear and nonlinear models used in data analysis and design measurements. Also statistical considerations for proficiency testing are given.

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Bootstrapping time series with application to risk management

The bootstrap method is an extensive computational approach, based on Monte Carlo simulation, useful for understanding random samples and time series. It is a powerful tool, especially when only a small data set is used to predict the behaviour of systems or processes. This paper presents the results of an investigation on using bootstrap resampling (different types: uniform, importance based, block structured etc.) for time series appearing during

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