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Rayleigh waves in Cosserat elastic materials
Asymptotic partition of energy in micromorphic thermopiezoelectricity
On the steady vibrations problem in linear theory of micropolar solid-fluid mixture
On the thermal theory of micropolar solid-fluid mixture
On uniqueness and continuous dependence of solutions in viscoelastic mixtures
Representation theorems and fundamental solutions for micropolar solid-fluid mixtures under steady state vibrations
Inhomogeneous plane waves in elastic materials with voids
Modele generalizate in mecanica mediilor continue. Medii poroase (Teza de Master)
On Spatial Behavior of the Harmonic Vibrations in Kelvin-Voigt Materials

The present paper deals with the study of the amplitude of the steady-state vibrations in a right finite cylinder made of an isotropic Kelvin-Voigt material. Some exponential decay estimates, similar to those of Saint-Venant type, are obtained for appropriate cross-sectional area measures associated with the amplitude of the steady-state vibrations. It is proved that due to dissipative effects, the estimates in question hold for every value of the

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On the deformation of transversely isotropic porous elastic circular cylinder

In this paper we study the deformation of right circular cylinders filled by a linear transversely isotropic porous material. We construct a solution of the relaxed Saint–Venant’s problem using the results established for anisotropic porous cylinders. Firstly, we decompose the relaxed Saint–Venant’s problem into two problems: extension–bending–torsion problem and flexure problem. Then, for each of them we give the exact expressions of

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