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Compounds of Erythromycin with -cyclodextrin
Simultaneous Determination of Metals in Hypericum Perforatum L. by ICP-OE
Synthesis, spectroscopic behavior and scanning electron microscopy of new complexes of theophylline with some transitional metals ions

The interaction of transition metals with captopril has been studied and discussed. The paper summarizes the results obtained for the characterization of the complexation processes and determination of the structure and properties of the complexes formed.

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Thermal Analysis and Raman Spectrometry of Some Complexes of Theophylline with Transitional Metals

This paper presents the characterization of four new theophylline compounds with transition metal ions (Cu2+, Cd2+, Co2+, Zn2+) by Raman spectrometry and thermal analysis. The elemental analysis gives a coordination ratio of 1:2 metal:theophylline. Raman analyses confirm the existence of these complex combinations by the disappearance of the vibrations due to the atoms implied in the coordinative bonds and the presence of the characteristic bands

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Interaction of Metal Ions with Guanfacine

In this paper we report the synthesis of a series of transitions metal complexes with guanfacine (GUAF): [Cu(GUAF)2](C6H5COO)2, [Cd(GUAF)2](C6H5COO)2. The given formula was confirmed by elemental analysis. Spectroscopic studies including FT-IR, FT-Raman and EPR spectroscopy were performed in order to establish the conformational and structural changes due to the complexation. Comparison between the FT-IR and FTRaman spectra of the ligands and the

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Studiul spectrelor de masã ale pirazinamidei şi combinaţiilor sale complexe cu benzoatul de cupru (II)

The mass spectrum of pirazinamide and its complex combination with cooper(II) benzoate was investigated. The possible fragmentation pattern is discussed in detail. The m/z values are computed according to H=1, C=12, O=16, N=14 and Cu = 64. The mass spectral measurements of the compounds were made on TraceDSQ ( Double Stage Quadrapol) spectrometers.

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Experimental and DFT study of pyrazinamide

Pyrazinamide (PZA), an analogue of nicotinamide, is a very important drug used to treat tuberculosis [1]. Also, some transition metal(II) molecular complexes of this molecule are recognized and used as antimycobacterial agents [2]. For a proper characterization of these complexes, a reliable assignment of vibrational, NMR and EPR spectra is essential for molecular complexes themselves and for the parent molecule, as well. For this purpose, theoretical

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Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of pyrazinamide and it’s complex combination with CuCl2

Pyrazinamide (pyrazine carboxamide ,PZA), the pyrazine analogue of nicotinamide, is among the first-line drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis, which seems to reappear as a frequent disease. The FT-infrared (400-400 cm-1) and FT-Raman (100-3500 cm-1) spectra of pyrazinamide (PZA) and [Cu(PZA)2]Cl2 were recorded.The observed wavenumbers were analyzed and assigned to different normal modes of vibration of the molecule. The low wavenumber region of

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