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Determination of optical constants of metal by near grazing incidence reflectivity measurements
Sensitivity analysis of parameter determination from measurements of directly measurable quantities using the Jacobian

The sensitivity of the parameter determination from measurements of directly measurable quantities is the Jacobian of the inverse mapping. The Jacobian also detects the ambiguities due to nonconformal mappings by changing its sign. The Jacobian formalism applied to phase-shift interferometry shows that this method does not have ambiguities due to nonconformal mappings and reachs its maximum sensitivity for equidistant phase shifts covering the whole

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Ambiguities in determining the optical constants for two reflection methods
Optimum angles for determining the optical constants from reflectivity measurements
Statistical self-calibrating algorithm for three-sample phase-shift interferometry

A new self-calibrating algorithm is described that succeeds in reconstructing an almost error-free wavefront from only three interferograms. The algorithm is based on the assumption that the optical phase, taken modulo 2, is quasi-uniformly distributed in the range [0, 2) over the field of the interferograms. When the actual reference phases differ from those considered in the phase computation program a non-uniform histogram of the computed phase

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Identity of the cross reflection coefficients for symmetric surface-relief gratings
Analysis of phase measurement error for null generalized ellipsometry using the phase compensator
Optical and electrical properties of nanostructured metal-silicon-metal photodetectors
Simple method for determining the fast axis of a wave plate

Based on the metals property of modifying the phase of an incident beam, a simple method for identifying the fast axis of a wave plate independent of a standard retarder is demonstrated.

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Sensitivity analysis of grating parameter estimation