Articolele autorului Lucian Emil Rosca
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Innovative Rhythmen in der rumänischen Musik (1940-1985), ISBN 978-973-42-0634-6
Folclor Instrumental din Campia Transilvaniei, ISBN (10)973-42-0440-8; (13)978-973-42-0440-3

The dancing instrumental repertoire for violin from Transylvania Plaine, represents an extremely interesting domain for the stilistic characteristics that are specific for the area. This book in an up-to-date research, a novelty, of a great theoretical and practical importance given by the content of its selected material which bears the stylistically and structural particularities of the Transylvanian repertoire from the Plaine, an area very little

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Aspecte Inovatoare ale Ritmului in Creatia Muzicala Romaneasca (1940 – 1985) , (ISBN 978-973-42-0484-7)

The present paper presents evolved rhythm procedures of the Romanian contemporary music, in the spirit, and based on the experience of Romanian contemporary music composers, with no claim of exhausting this subject. Rhythm has known an impetuous development in the contemporary creation, in paralell with the melody and the harmony, and the present paper aims to present (mainly through the cited examples) the element of rhythm in the Romanian musical

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