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Folclor Instrumental din Campia Transilvaniei, ISBN (10)973-42-0440-8; (13)978-973-42-0440-3

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Autori: Lucian Emil Rosca

Editorial: Editura Muzicala, Bucuresti, p.289, 2006.


The dancing instrumental repertoire for violin from Transylvania Plaine, represents an extremely interesting domain for the stilistic characteristics that are specific for the area.

This book in an up-to-date research, a novelty, of a great theoretical and practical importance given by the content of its selected material which bears the stylistically and structural particularities of the Transylvanian repertoire from the Plaine, an area very little researched thoroughly, this being the reason why I chose this area for research.

Musical notation and the traditional notation system represent another interesting issue for a thorough research, which should offer finally clear and systematic image regarding this system of the traditional instrumental repertorie.

The melodies included in this volume represent a selection of the over of the 180 pieces of music recorded between 1999 and 2003.
The selection of the transcribed pieces of music was based on the following criteria: representative pieces of music (from the area of Trasylvania Plaine), excluding the borrowed and assimilated repertoire to a random percentage; melodies with special interpretatives characteristics; melodies with a rich ornamentics, etc.

Regarding the Hungarian and Gypsy traditional musical repertories from this area one can notice their obvious migration and assimilation to the Romania one. Equally the Romanian vocal and instrumental repertorie can be found in that of the Hungarian and Gypsies so as we can conclude that from this point of view there is a reciprocal relation between these communities.

Cuvinte cheie: Folclor, etnomuzicologie, tipologie, trasncriere // Folklore, ethnomusicology, typology, transcriptions