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Environmental assesment and a framework for integrated coastal zone management for the Black Sea coast
Development of a Coastal Systems Operations Center for the Institutional Strengthening of Coastal Management along the Romanian Black Sea
Integrated coastal zone management system for the romanian Black Sea Coast
Specificity of Romanian Black Sea Coast Changes Under Climate and Human Impact
Comparative study of catalase activity from digestive gland of three mollusc species from the Black Sea
Impact of waste waters discharging on the qualitative state of coastal ecosystems from Vadu -Gura Buhaz
Bioaccumulation of oil petroleum hydrocarbons by mussels from the Romanian Black Sea Coast physiological and biochemical alterations
Study of oxidative stress in acute intoxication with benzene on Mytilus galloprovincialis
Evaluation of marine pollution degree using the variation of oxidative stress enzymes activity in tissues of fish Apollonia melanostoma.
Preliminary data about ecotoxicological, physiological and biochemical changes at mussels under Zn contamination at the Romanian Black Sea Coast and in experimental conditions