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Two-dimensional moduli spaces of vector bundles over Kodaira surface
Green’s Conjecture for curves on arbitrary K3 surfaces

Green’s conjecture predicts than one can read off special linear series on an algebraic curve, by looking at the syzygies of its canonical embedding. We extend Voisin’s results on syzygies of K3 sections, to the case of K3 surfaces with arbitrary Picard lattice. This, coupled with results of Voisin and Hirschowitz–Ramanan, provides a complete solution to Green’s conjecture for smooth curves on arbitrary K3 surfaces.

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Koszul Cohomology and Algebraic Geometry
Workshop on Moduli Spaces in Geometry and Physics

Sibiu, May 13-16 2009. Organized by I.M.A.R. Bucharest and "Lucian Blaga" University Sibiu.

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The Green Conjecture for Exceptional Curves on a K3 Surface
Galois coverings and endomorphisms of projective varieties
Non-vanishing for Koszul cohomology of curves
On the vanishing of higher syzygies of curves
A Lefschetz type result for Koszul cohomology
Green-Lazarsfeld’s conjecture for generic curves of large gonality