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Cyanide-Bridged Fe(III)-Mn(III) Chain with Metamagnetic Properties and

The assembling of [Mn(5-MeOsalen)(H2O)]and [(Tp)Fe(CN)3]-affords the one-dimensional zigzag chain [(Tp)Fe(CN)3Mn(5-MeOsalen)‚2CH3OH]n , Tp- hydrotris(pyrazolyl)borate and 5-MeOsalen2- N, N-ethylenebis(5-methoxysalicylideneiminate)].The corroborated experimental and ab initio data indicate ferromagnetic Fe(III)Mn(III) couplings and D < 0 anisotropy on Mn-(III). The field-induced metamagnetic behavior is due to interchain effects.

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Spin Coupling in the Supramolecular Structure of a New Tetra(QuinolineTEMPO)Yttrium(III)Complex

The newly synthesized tetra(quinolineTEMPO)yttrium(III) potassium salt shows interesting structural features at the molecular and supramolecular levels, revealed by the analysis of the X-ray diffraction data. The magnetic susceptibility and EPR data corroborated with structural considerations showed that the exchange and dipolar spin coupling interactions are taking place at the nodes assembling the supramolecular 2D structure. The Y(III) center

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A new mu(4)-oxo tetranuclear magnesium compound: Coordination effects of the azolato ligands
New synthetic and structural aspects in the chemistry of alkylaluminum fluorides. The mutual influence of hard and soft ligands and the hybridization as rigorous structural criterion
Lightest member of the basic carboxylate structural pattern: [Al-3(mu(3)-O)(mu-O2CCF3)(6)(THF)(3)][(Me3Si)(3)CAl(O2CCF3)(3)]center dot C7H8
Syntheses, structures, and surface aromaticity of the new carbaalane [(AlH)(6)(AlNMe3)(2)(CCH2R)(6)] (R = Ph, CH2SiMe3) and a stepwise functionalization of the inner and outer sphere of the cluster.

The reaction of the acetylene RCtCH (R ) Ph, CH2SiMe3) with an excess of AlH3‚NMe3 in boiling toluene leads to the carbaalane [(AlH)6(AlNMe3)2(CCH2R)6] (R ) Ph 1, CH2SiMe3 2) in good yield. Treatment of 2 with BCl3 under varying conditions gives the chlorinated products [(AlCl)6(AlNMe3)2(CCH2-CH2SiMe3)6] 3 and [(AlCl)6(AlNMe3)2(CCH2CH2SiMe2Cl)6] 4, respectively. The latter clearly demonstrates that the cluster can be stepwise functionalized within

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New keys for old keywords. Case studies within the updated paradigms of the hybridization and aromaticity
Conformation-Controlled Luminescent Properties of Lanthanide Clusters Containing p-tert-Butyl sulfonylcalix[4]arene

Dinuclear and cubane-shaped lanthanide cluster complexes containing EuIII and TbIII were synthesized by step-by-step construction using p-tert-butylsulfonylcalix[4]arene as a clusterforming ligand. The sulfonylcalixarene adopts a pinched-cone conformation in the dinuclear complexes and a cone conformation in the cubane complexes. Because the calixarene has a large ð-conjugate system expanding over the entire molecule, it behaves as a good antenna

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Mechanism of Ferromagnetic Coupling in Copper(II)-Gadolinium(III) Complexes

This paper offers the first series of state-of-the-art quantum chemical calculations (CASSCF, CASPT2, MS-CASPT2) and analytical models for the well-known problem of quasi-general ferromagnetic coupling in copper-gadolinium complexes. A system chosen from the chemical report of Costes et al. was taken as prototype. At the CASSCF level, calculated results for the experimental structure reproduced the magnetic coupling constant well ( Jcalcd = +7.67

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A Binuclear Fe(III)Dy(III) Single Molecule Magnet. Quantum Effects and Models