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Tertiary Flow Effects on a Co-axial Ducted Jet.

Long duct mixed flow exhaust systems operate as noise suppression devices under the concept that the surrounding secondary long duct shields some of the fine-scale turbulent mixing noise generated between the primary and secondary streams. Numerical results concerning a round co-axial ducted jet at Baseline (without tertiary flow effects) are compared against data obtained for two tertiary flow conditions of 0.15 and 0.30 co-flow Mach numbers (Mcf),

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Patterns in pharyngeal airflow associated with sleep-disordered breathing.

Objective: To establish the feasibility of a noninvasive method to identify pharyngeal airflow characteristics in sleep-disordered breathing. Methods: Four patients with sleep-disordered breathing who underwent surgery or used positive airway pressure devices and four normal healthy controls were studied. Three-dimensional CT imaging and computational fluid dynamics modeling with standard steady-state numerical formulation were used to characterize

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Large Eddy Simulation of the pharyngeal airflow associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome at pre and post-surgical treatment

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) is the most common sleep-disordered breathing medical condition and a potentially life-threatening affliction. Not all the surgical or non-surgical OSAS therapies are successful for each patient, also in part because the primary factors involved in the etiology of this disorder are not completely understood. Thus, there is a need for improving both diagnostic and treatment modalities associated with OSAS. A

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Experimental and Numerical Study of Jets from Elliptic Nozzles with Conic Plug
Sound Generated by an Unsteady Flow Field, Using a Hybrid Method

The compressible Navier-Stokes equations describe both flow field as well as sound generation. The classical acoustic theory uses the hypothesis that the part of the flow field, which is the source of the acoustic field, has distinct scales so that the acoustic waves do not interfere with the flow. Thus, the velocity vector, the pressure and the density are split into semi-compressible components and an inviscid, irrotational acoustical components.

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Noise Computation of a Turbo-Engine Jet Exhaust Based on LES and Lighthill’s Acoustic Analogy
Computational Aeroacoustics Based on Large Eddy Simulation and Acoustic Analogies

The thesis presents a numerical method developed by the author and its applications for computing the generated sound by an unsteady flow field and its propagation. The full equations of motion for compressible and unsteady flows describe both flow field and sound generation and propagation. It is assumed that the flow variables can be decomposed into semi-compressible / incompressible components and inviscid, irrotational acoustic components. The

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Numerical Study of Thermo-acoustic Waves Generation by a Swirling Flame Using a New Approach Based on LES
Flow and Noise Investigations of a Separate Flow Exhaust System
Computation of the Acoustic Field in an Annular Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber Using a Hybrid Approach