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Conference – European enlargement: new opportunities for research funding

The event which will take place in Bonn on Thursday, March 7th, 2002 aims to provide a forum for the exchange of experiences between scientists. The conference is organised by the Representation of the European Commission in Bonn in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations and the City of Bonn. For more information and to download the registration form, please

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Biobiz 2002-2003 business planning workshops – 135 places are available over 15 workshops

Biobiz aims to facilitate scientists' acces to capital through better business planning, thus increasing the number of succssful start-up companies in Europe. During a three-day workshop, scientists will better understand how economic decisions have financial consequences by using the specially developed Biobiz software, as well as though exchanges with venture capital managers and biotech entrepreneurs. To register for a workshop, go to the web

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