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Reconstruction of late Holocene autumn/winter precipitation variability in SW Romania from a high-resolution speleothem trace element record.
Caves and karst of Ecuador – state-of-the-art and research perspectives
The diverse dietary profiles of MIS 3 cave bears from the Romanian Carpathians: insights from stable isotope (d13C and d15N) analysis
The evolutionary and phylogeographic history of woolly mammoths: a comprehensive mitogenomic analysis
Carnivore impact on cave bear bones and the analysis of their dispersion. Case study: Ursilor Cave (NW Romania)
Ancient DNA reveals differences in behaviour and sociality between brown bears and extinct cave bears
Fossil invertebrates records in cave sediments and paleoenvironmental assessments – a study of four cave sites from Romanian Carpathians
The genetic history of Ice Age Europe.
An early modern human from Romania with a recent Neanderthal ancestor
Ecophysiological groups of bacteria from cave sediments as potential indicators of paleoclimate.

Six bacterial ecophysiological groups from Pleistocene sediment samples collected from two Romanian caves were identified and evaluated for their potential contribution to the interpretation of paleoclimate. Denitrifiers and nitrite oxidizers were present in the culture plates of all samples, the ammonia oxidizers were absent, and the iron-reducers were confirmed solely in the deepest sample of one of the caves. The aerobic mesophilic heterotrophs

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