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Structural information, unfolding and aggregation in globular proteins, by Raman, SERS, FT-IR and complementary EPR spectroscopy
Raman and SERS spectroscopy in antimalaria research monitoring the interaction mechanism of quinoline based drugs with hematin
Why SERS and DFT? A combination that can certainly help in analayzing pharmaceutical materials and their behavior near a biological artificial model
Monitoring the sweetener content in leaves of stevia rebaudiana plant using Raman and SERS spectroscopy
New substrate sample handling and micro-Raman sensing methods for biomolecular analysis
Spectroscopic evidence of La(III) complex of coumarin-3-carboxylic acid with cytotoxic activity
Adsorption behavior of hyaluronidase onto silver nanoparticles and PMMA bone substitute
Characterization of birch tree leaves, buds and bark dry extracts with antitumor activity
FT-IR, FT-Raman and TLC Densitometry Analysis of some Plane Tree Extracts Concerning their Content in Betulinic Acid and Betulin
SERS substrate-dependent interaction of the anticarcinogenic drug, 5-fluorouracil with silver