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Proiectul de interventie in asistenta sociala. De la propunerea de finantare la planurile individualizate de interventie

The project of intervention is very important for management of change. The book present how the projectionism change the practice in social work, how we can elaborate the grants proposal, how the practicians can utilize the grants proposal for contracting the social services,and what is the manner to conduct the individualized plans for intervention in social field.

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Social Projectionism: A Vision For New Ethics In Social Welfare

The article approaches social projectionism as an orientation within the new post-modern epistemologies, starting from its principles. At the same time, the author presents some phenomena generated by the post-modern perspectives opened by the new ideologies that produce new ethical orientations in social practice. These visions have made profound changes in the way the social services user is seen, the contextualisation of social practice, the volatility

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Metode apreciative in asistenta sociala. Ancheta, supervizarea si mangementul de caz

In this book are presented appreciative perspectives in social work and some aplications in the social work process: intervention, supervision an d case management.

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