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The Environmental Effects and Intra-Industry Trade

The present article analyses the United States’ environmental impact on agriculture intra-industry trade (IIT). The results indicate there is a negative correlation between carbon dioxide emissions and intra-industry trade. According to the literature, i.e. this type of trade uses less pollution technology. In addition, we have found that emissions increase with the level of production. The economic size has a positive influence on carbon dioxide

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Urbanization and Democracy in the Framework of Modernization Theory: Recent Empirical Evidences

The goal of this study is to provide some empirical evidence for the existence of a positive relationship between urbanization - as a key component of modernization processes – and democracy, on a dataset set of 56 developing countries covering a time span between 1982 and 2007. The research hypothesis is that developing countries tend to be more democratic at higher levels of urbanization. We tested this hypothesis in an GMM-System methodological

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Immigration and Trade

This paper investigates the relationship between intra-industry trade (IIT), horizontal IIT, vertical IIT (VIIT) and immigration flows using a gravity model for the period 1995-2008 amongst Portugal and European Union’s Member States (EU-27). Using a panel data approach, the results show a positive correlation between immigration and IIT. These outcomes indicate that the immigration can reduce transaction costs between home and host country. We

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Inside the Black Box: Informational Entropy of High – Frequency Data on Forex Market

The current period of financial and real instability questions the usual approaches concerning financial markets’ operating mechanisms. Thus, several alternatives have been proposed in order to provide a more realistic description of markets’ mechanisms. Among these, the Fractal Market Hypothesis accounts for discontinuous and non-periodical evolutions in financial assets’ prices. The proposed study analyzes the main properties of Rény’s

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