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Urbanization and Democracy in the Framework of Modernization Theory: Recent Empirical Evidences

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Autori: Dima B., Leitão N.C., Dima (Cristea) Ş.

Editorial: Actual Problems of Economics, 10 (124), p.390-398, 2011.


The goal of this study is to provide some empirical evidence for the existence of a positive relationship between urbanization – as a key component of modernization processes – and democracy, on a dataset set of 56 developing countries covering a time span between 1982 and 2007. The research hypothesis is that developing countries tend to be more democratic at higher levels of urbanization. We tested this hypothesis in an GMM-System methodological framework and we found that such a relationship holds on long run even when the political conditions of democratic processes are considered.

Cuvinte cheie: Democracy; modernization; urbanization; Polity IV; GMM-System.