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Study of dynamical formation and shape of microlenses formed by the reflow method
Gaussian beam writing strategy: accuracy of using the shape beam simulator SELID for Gaussian beam systems
Quantum Tunneling of magnetisation in coupled molecular magnets

This thesis deals with quantum tunnelling of magnetic moments in molecular magnets and involves both numerical and especially experimental studies. The molecular magnets are formed of large magnetic molecules arranged within a crystal. All the molecules in the crystal have the same total spin, anisotropy and controlled orientation, giving a well defined mesoscopic magnet. Though the quantum physics of a single molecule is well understood, inter-molecular

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Hexacynanometalate molecular chemistry: Trinuclear CrNi2 complexes: MicroSQUID magnetisation studies of intermolecular interactions
 « Quantum tunneling in a three dimensional network of exchange coupled single-molecule magnets
Spin quantum tunneling via entagled states in a dimer of exchange coupled single-moleculare magnets
Spin-spin cross-relaxation in single-molecule magnets
Strain induced magnetic anisotropy in epitaxial manganites films
Characteristics of TLD-100 fading and its influence on the calibration of personal dosimetry