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Continuous evolution of lithographic films through process steps: an example with 193 chemically amplified resists
193nm resist deprotection study from outgassing measurements by TD-GCMS/FID
Investigation of fullerene depth distribution in PMMA-C60 blends using dual beam ToF-SIMS
– Impact of molecular structure of polymer in 193 nm resist performance
 Hyperbranched polymers for photolithographic applications – towards understanding the relationship between chemical structure of polymer resin and lithographic performances
Resist evaluation for contact hole patterning with thermal flow process
Mechanical dynamical analysis of ultra thin resist films for microlithography applications
Ultrahigh-resolution pattern using electron-beam lithography HF wet etching
Resist and BARC outgassing measured by TD-GCMS: investigation during the exposure or the bake steps of the lithographic process
Fabrication and characterisation of nanoscale programmed defects for EUV lithography