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. Continuous soil carbon dioxide and oxygen measurements and estimation of gradient-based gaseous flux

The magnitude and dynamics of soil gaseous fluxes play critical roles in the global gas balance; yet, these processes are not captured at sufficient temporal resolution by standard methods based on periodic sampling and surface chamber measurements. A novel method for continuous measurement of soil surface gas fluxes based on subsurface CO2 and O2 concentration gradient measurements was developed. We tested the gradient-based method under steady-

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Mathematical Modeling and In-Situ Measurements of Soil CO2/O2 Flux Dynamics

Gaseous exchange between soil and atmosphere consist primarily of CO2 and O2 fluxes induced by concentration gradients resulting from respiration within the soil profile. Despite their crucial role in the biosphere, dynamics of CO2/O2 concentrations in soil and surface fluxes are rarely measured continuously. A new gradient-based method for continuous monitoring of soil CO2/O2 concentrations was tested in the laboratory and in the field and compared

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L’impact biogeochimique d’un evenement de crue dans un lac alpine mesotrophique – Bourget, Savoie