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Prediction of Roller Skewing in Tapered Roller Bearings

The paper proposes a comprehensive model to predict the skew movement of a roller in tapered roller bearings. Numerical solutions are given on a LM48548/LM48510 bearing. The effect of the shaft speed, ring misalignment, and lubricant temperature on the roller skew angle is presented and compared to the experimental data available in the literature. The results indicate that the skew angle depends first on the misalignment angle between the cup and

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Rheological and Tribological Behaviour of Lubricants Additived with Polymers

Polyethylene was added to three mineral oils. The influence of polymer addition on the rheological and tribological behavior of lubricant was studied. Experimental data show that the polymer concentration added to the base oil plays an important role to obtain a maximum film thickness and/or to prevent wear in EHD contacts. The polymer forms an immobile film over the metallic surfaces, having a thickness close to the polymer coil diameter. This monomolecular

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Theoretical and Experimental Research on Hybrid Rolling Bearings Dynamics and Reliability (in Romanian), Cercetari teoretice si experimentale privind dinamica si fiabilitatea rulmentilor hibrizi

The thesis treats the dynamics and the reliability of high-speed oil mist lubricated hybrid ball bearings with silicon nitride balls.

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Lubricant Oils Additived With Polymers in EHD Contacts: Part 2. Tests using a Four-Ball Machine

A mineral oil of low viscosity was additived with different concentrations of low-density polyethylene. The wear behaviour of the additived samples and the base oil was evaluated using a four-ball wear tester at constant speed and variable load. Steel and ceramic (silcicon nitride) were chosen for the balls. The scuffing resistance of the ceramic balls was higher than that of the steel balls. No scuffing appeared in the case of an upper steel ball

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Lubricant Oils Additived With Polymers in EHD Contacts: Part 1 Rheological Behavior

This paper reports on the influence of a polymer additive on the traction behaviour of a mineral oil investigated using a two-disc machine at different temperatures and contact pressures. A semi-empirical approach was used for determining the effective lubricant rheological parameters - the elastic shear modulus, the viscosity of the lubricant, and the limiting and Eyring stresses - in elastohydrodynamic contacts. Using this approach, the effect

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