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Spatial approach to the assessment of anthropogenic impact on biodiversity based on the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) applicable to Romania

Based on the spatial scale, authors distinguish several levels of biodiversity: α diversity (for an ecosystem), ß diversity (for ecosystems within a complex), γ diversity (for a regional complex of ecosystems), and δ diversity (for a macro-regional complex of ecosystems). Taking into account this “diversity of diversities”, the paper recommends a hierarchy of methods that could be used to assess the impact of urban and spatial plans on biodiversity.

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GIS-based assessment of the landform distribution of 2100 predicted climate change and its influence on biodiversity and natural protected areas in Romania

Potential effects of climate change include loss of biodiversity and ecodiversity due to direct influences and habitat changes and impacts on agricultural systems resulting into the decrease of productivity. While direct assessment is rarely possible, the evaluation methodology focused on statistical modelling. This study used the Geographical Information Systems to look at the spatial distribution of 2100 predicted temperatures in Romania by landform

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